Hand held devices for Order Entry / Inventory CountsJamison Computer Systems provides software to convenience store distributors nationwide. Our software can be configured to provide a solution for the distributor with a fleet of trucks as well as the cash and carry distributor.

Tablet/Laptop Remote Orders

Laptop Remote Order Entry

Here at Jamison Computer Systems we pride ourselves on customer service and customized PC-based Windows solutions. Our customers matter to us, and our software is continuously being enhanced based on user comments and changes in the industry. Our market is the small to mid-sized distributor looking for a PC-based solution. Most distributors using our full Wholesale Distribution Package have networks of 2 to 12 personal computers. Users appreciate the ease of navigation through the familiar Windows environment. Data can also be easily shared with spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) or word processing (Microsoft Word) applications.
Not happy with your existing software ?

Assistance with data conversion (customer and item information) from other software packages is also available.

What's New
  • 2021 MSA MULTICAT 'Transaction Date' Reporting (New Format)

    View software changes related to the new MSA format

    WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION PACKAGE: 'Floor Returns' Documentation

  • Remote Order Entry
    Sales reps on the road can now send orders to the warehouse from their laptop or tablet computers via FTP or VPN connections. The laptop application also allows sales reps to have updated pricelists and customer sales history at their fingertips.
  • Internet Order Entry
    Allow your customers to place orders through the internet. Orders will be created on your warehouse system to be picklisted and/or invoiced. Click here to test drive (Sign on with Distributor ID = 'JAMISON', Customer ID = 1, Password = 'guest').
  • Quick Books Accounting Interface
    Use Quick Books ('Integrated Applications' feature) for accounts payable and general ledger while sharing files and data with the Wholesale Distribution Package.
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